List of negative Account Status types

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Exact terminology might differ a little between reporting agencies.

    • Included in Bankruptcy will be applied to accounts eligible to be included in your bankruptcy.
    • Charge off is when a creditor writes off the unpaid debt as a loss (i.e., they no longer take it into consideration when reporting company profits or losses)
    • Collection is usually past due 180 days and has been sold to a collection agency.
    • Closed is an account that has either been closed by the creditor or you. This will hurt your credit score in almost all cases. Don’t close accounts (particularly credit cards) that are in good standing even if you don’t use them –it will hurt your credit.
    • Delinquency will show 30, 60, or 90, which indicates the number of days the account was past due.
    • Default means that you have failed to meet the obligations of the account, (usually a loan).
    • Dispute will show when you have filed a dispute on that account and it is under investigation.
    • Foreclosure gives the creditor the right to sell a defaulted property.

Repossession means the creditor has taken back the item they sold to you.

  • Settlement is an agreement between you and the creditor to settle the account for less than owed.
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