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  • "I'm Melinda G. I must say the staff at YNGC. is very knowledgeable in answering all of my student loans concerns, I spoke with a loan specialist by the name of Jessica, she was very patient, listened and gave me great feed back, i will highly recommend her. THANKS A LOT FOR THE HELP!"

    Melinda G.
  • "I was very skeptical when a friend of mine refer me to your service, however it hasn’t even been a month, I see deletions on my report already..youneedgreatcredit is dedicated to create a lasting relationship with their client, can’t wait to see the end result for my credit score…keep up the great work.."

    Koku Afeto
  • "Was looking into this company for about 2 months before I took action and decided to write Jeremiah. Wasn’t too sure if I trusted it but I took my chances and let Jeremiah help me with my credit score… he removed all of my accounts and got my credit score up in less than 2 months. I will recommend this company to all of my fiends and family. Trust in Jeremiah and you won’t regret it. "

    Antonio Arias
  • "I wanted to tell you thank YOU!!! For the other day. You really took your time to make sure I understood and that I am able to take advantage of what is available to me so I can be debt free. As I told you before I was scared and figured that school debt was just one of those things that I would have FOREVER. You were helpful and gave me information I had no idea about. I have been telling everyone I can about your services THANK YOU AGAIN from me and my financial freedom."

    Audrey D
  • "I always heard horror stories about loans. coming from a background never having school loans, I knew with my masters, Loans were going to fund my education. never having Loans, I didn’t have the proper loan financial literacy. Taking a leap of faith with Jessica I’m on the right path to paying off these loans, better credit standing and a peace of mind. I can’t stress enough. Reach out to her . her customer service is top tiers Put your trust in her."

    Antoinette R
  • "Hey Jessica thank you for taking the time to work helping me with my student loans. Typically I’d be scared of being taken advantage of but I’m so glad that I chose to go with you on this matter. I’m definitely recommending everyone I know having similar issues directly to you so you can resolve their problems as you did mine. Thanks again for all of your help."

    Andrew T


We want to thank you for choosing credit repair and student loan consultation services. As many of you may know Student loans goes hand and hand with having great credit.You need great credit uses aggressive Strategies and conventional methods to ensure maximum results in restoring your credit ! We look Forward to improving your credit rating and your student loan repayment options as quickly as possible.


We at You Need Great Credit will work to restoring your credit shoulder to shoulder with you. Once you have signed up, we start working for you IMMEDIATELY!

Why Credit Matters

Credit can affect everything from credit cards, personal loans, home loans, auto loans, rental agreements, insurance, social status, and even employment. Bad credit means higher rates on just about everything related to borrowing money. Making a plan to try to improve you credit will help save you money.

Credit Facts

There are five factors in determining your credit score:

  • Payment History
  • Amounts Owed
  • Length of Credit History
  • Taking on More Debt
  • Types of Credit in Use

Possible to Remove:

  • Late Payments
  • Collections
  • Charge Offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Inquires
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Incorrect
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishments
  • Closed Accounts
  • Negative Settlements

Your Rights as A Consumer

Did you know that the FTC has put in regulations to protect consumers?

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